Construction Projects

Thank you so much to the voters and our library patrons who supported the library millage. Residents will see a reduction in mills levied compared to 2021 and the funding will allow the library to move forward with renovations. We plan to complete 18,000 sq. ft. of space that has remained unfinished since the library was built in 2004. This, along with other renovations, will begin in the fall of 2023. 

We will continue to post project news and updates on this page. Stay tuned, exciting times ahead!


Proposed 2nd Floor Renovations



  • I am so thrilled to see all these changes and improvements to an already outstanding library. I have said many times that though I am 5 minutes walking distance from Livonia Civic Center Library, I almost always choose to go to RTPL instead.

    As a child growing up in Redford, I remember visiting (at Beech & 5 mile of course) all the time with my mother. I spent many hours in the children’s section. She took me to the movies there too. As a unique woman in the mid 60s, returning to college while I was in elementary school, she used resources there (by the time she died she had earned her Bachelor’s, 2 Masters and her PhD).

    It was a favorite library to bring my son to when he was young. I remember too when the library packed up all the books to move to 6 Mile – I thought it was a genius idea to utilize h.s. football teams to pack books!

    I absolutely love the art deco architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright design styled lamps. When it was fairly new I held a (work) event in the room upstairs and also enjoyed the free movies until Covid prevented these. I look forward to all these changes and improvements. Thinking about them makes me look forward to Spring. Thank you for all your continuing work to keep this a fantastic resource for the community!

    1. Barb, thank you so much for the kind message and story. We are very excited about the projects we’re working on and can’t wait to share them with the community!

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