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What was your reaction when your favorite book was turned into a movie? Let’s discuss it together! Please join us on the first and second Tuesday of the month for a special “From the Page to the Screen” program. This program is an opportunity for community members to read their favorites, then come together to watch the film and discuss both!

  • December 6th Ethan Frome Movie with Liam Neeson
  • December 13th ¬†Ethan Frome Book by Edith Wharton Discussion
  • January 3rd Winter’s Bone Movie starring Jennifer Lawrence
  • January 10th Winter’s Bone Book by Daniel Woodrell
  • February 7th Jackie Brown (Quentin Tarantino) Movie
  • February 14th Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard Book Discussion
  • March 7th Bladerunner with Harrison Ford Movie
  • March 14th Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick Book Discussion


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  • Will A Journal for Jordan book by Dana Canady and movie be added for 2023?
    Will Mr. Malcolm’s List by (?) and movie be added for 2023?

    1. Hi Teresa! If you have questions or movie/book recommendations for 2023 please email jlund@rtdl.org. Jen is the librarian who runs this program and would be happy to learn more about your suggestions and ideas. Thank you!

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