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Introducing RTDL’s Seed Library!


What is a Seed Library?

A seed library is a collection of seeds available for lending to the community. Users “borrow” (or take) seeds from the library to grow food and flowers.  After harvesting mature seeds, people may “return” (or donate) seeds back to the seed library. Seed libraries facilitate a connection to the Earth and to the past – humans have been saving and sharing seed for over 10,000 years! – and help to raise awareness about the importance of genetic diversity, regional adaptability, and seed stories.

RTDL’s Seed Library hopes to aid the conservation of local and heirloom varieties while encouraging patrons to grow their own food, be outside, share with the community, and have fun.

Why Save Seed?

Save money by saving seeds to grow next year.

  • Learn how to grow from seed to harvest to seed-saving
  • Seed saving is a sustainable practice
  • Planting, growing, harvesting, and saving seeds is a way to give back to the community
  • Helps local cultivators

How to Borrow Seeds

  • All packs of seed have enough seed to:
    • With larger seeds (like beans) grow 3-5 plants
    • With smaller seeds (like lettuce) grow a good crop or two
  • Select the seeds you would like to grow
  • Please limit your selection to 5 packets to help get more seeds to more of the community
  • Take your seeds and grow, grow, grow!!!

How to Save Seeds

  • At harvest time, please save a plant of each variety for seed. The more seeds that we save, the more members of the community can participate and experience the joy of growing their own food and saving their own seeds
  • For more information on how to save seed from specific plants to go:

Monthly Gardening To-Dos

Contact us for available seeds!

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