Display Case

Do you have an interesting collection or hobby that you’d like to share?  Ask to feature your treasures in the Library’s display case! The display case is available for educational, artistic, informational, and cultural displays and exhibits. Displays of a commercial nature are not accepted, though business cards may be left at the Library for distribution. Signage stating a display’s sponsorship must be included with all exhibits.

Display space is available for use by individuals, non-profit organizations, community groups or governmental agencies. The person installing the display must supply all of their own props, backgrounds, fasteners, tools, etc. They are responsible for the dismantling of the display as well.

The display case is made up of three cases side-by-side. The two outer cases measure approximately 40” wide, with a 20” wide case in between. The cases are approximately 53” high and 22” deep. Each has 3 glass shelves inside which can be repositioned or removed.

Although the display case is locked, the library assumes no liability in the event of damage, destruction, or theft. Generally, each display is on exhibit for a calendar month. Library displays take precedence over outside display requests.  For more information, read the Library’s policy on Exhibits, Displays, Handouts, and Announcements, or contact Michael Gazzarari, 313.531.5960 x114.

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