Group Study Room Policy

Policy 304.1: Group Study Room Use
Revised: 12/18/2017


The Redford Township District Library’s Group Study Rooms provide an opportunity to bring together the resources of the Library and the activities of the community for educational, cultural, civic, intellectual and charitable purposes. Group Study Rooms are available free of charge on an equitable basis to groups regardless of their beliefs or affiliations.


  • Group Study rooms are intended for groups of 2-8 people or those that require a room for videoconferencing or teleconferencing. Single users that are not videoconferencing or teleconferencing may be asked to relocate to the Quiet Study room if a group requests the room. Groups of more than 8 will be asked to vacate the room.
  • Unsupervised minors ages 12-17 are limited to 4 per room at a time. Children 11 years of age and younger shall at all times be attended and supervised by a responsible adult (parent, guardian, other caregiver, age 18 years or older).


  • The library staff may reserve the rooms for single users when proctoring tests for residents.
  • Single users may reserve Group Study A for videoconferencing or teleconferencing.
  • Group Study A and B may be reserved with the following restrictions:
    • Same day reservations are not accepted. This includes next day requests made via the website after the library closes.
    • Reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance.
    • A person or group will be limited to 1 reservation a day and 2 per week.
    • Reservations may not exceed the 2 hour maximum.
    • Reservations will be held for 15 minutes past the reserved time. If 2 group members have not arrived by 15 minutes past the reserved time, the reservation will be considered cancelled and the room may be released to another group.

Please notify the Adult Reference library staff in the event of a Group Study room cancellation.

Conditions/General Rules

  • Food and uncovered drink containers are not allowed in the Group Study rooms.
  • Group Study room users must observe the library’s Patron Responsibilities & Conduct Policy and all library policies.
  • The Redford Township District Library is a smoke, alcohol, and drug free setting.
  • No open flames are permitted in the Group Study rooms.
  • Group Study rooms are only available during open library hours. No entry to the Library will be permitted before the Library opens. Groups must vacate the rooms and the Library promptly upon closing.
  • A vacated Group Study room will be considered abandoned after 15 minutes of unoccupied use. Personal items left in the rooms will be removed to the RTDL Lost & Found.
  • Library staff is not responsible for items left unattended in the Group Study rooms.
  • The Library may occasionally close due to unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions. The Group Study rooms will not be available when the Library is closed, regardless of prior arrangements. Every effort will be made to notify the contact person of the closure.
  • Nothing may be affixed to any surface inside the Group Study rooms. Users will be responsible for all costs associated with repairs for damages they cause to the Group Study room and its contents.
  • The Group Study rooms are not soundproof. Noise levels must be kept low and the doors to the rooms must be kept closed.
  • Traffic in and out of the room should be kept to a minimum. Please do not slam the doors or repeatedly open and close the doors to the Group Study rooms.
  • The Library does not allow panhandling, fundraising or the sale of goods or services by members of the public in the Library building, on the grounds, or in the parking lot. The only merchandising activities permitted are those of the Library, Friends of the Library or the Café located in the Library.
  • Failure to comply with the rules will cause a revocation of Group Study room privileges.


  • Because the Redford Township District Library cannot guarantee availability, the Redford Township District Library should not be listed as a regularly scheduled meeting place on any type of promotional or informational material.
  • The name, address or phone number of the Redford Township District Library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization except those formally affiliated with the Library.
  • The use of the Group Study Room by a non-library group shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply Library sponsorship of the group’s activities.
  • The person submitting a Group Study reservation request will be the contact person for the group and becomes responsible for answering questions from the public. The Library will not assume this responsibility.


  • The Library does not provide equipment for use in the Group Study rooms.
  • Library staff is not responsible for connecting or troubleshooting personal computers, electronic, or communication equipment brought to the Library by patrons.
  • Cell phone and video conferencing is allowed in the Group Study rooms with the door closed provided it is not disruptive to patrons or staff.

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