Automatic Renewal

Eligible items checked out from the library will now automatically renew up to 3 times! Automatic renewal will give you more time with your library books.

Most items will be automatically renewed unless the item:

    • Was borrowed through MeL
    • Has been requested by another patron
    • Has reached its renewal limit

About auto renewal:

  • When your item is automatically renewed, you will see the new due date when you log into your account.
  • You will not be notified if your automatic renewal is successful.
  • If items cannot be automatically renewed, you will receive a due date reminder by your chosen method (text, email or phone).

You may renew:

  • In person or over the telephone. Simply dial 888-672-8983 and follow the prompts. You will need a NUMERIC PIN to access this system. The PIN default is the last four digits of the phone number given during registration. To reset your PIN, please contact our Circulation staff.
  • Online at rtdl.org click on “RENEW MATERIALS” and enter your library card and PIN number.

The same autorenewal restrictions apply. Always wait for confirmation that your item has been renewed or contact Circulation staff to verify due dates.


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