Now Accepting Book Donations

We are now accepting book donations! RTDL has partnered with the organization, Better World Books to help collect your book donations. The collection bin is located in the parking lot behind the library’s return area.

Please note, we are only taking book donations at this time (no DVD, CD, etc). Please review the Better World Books donation guidelines here.

        1. Hello! The green book donation bins are always open. We now have two bins and they are located in the back of our parking lot. Thanks!

  • I’ve visited twice, within the last two weeks, with today the 17th of August as the 2nd visit to the donation bins. When are they scheduled to be empo, please and I thank you.

  • Sorry, my last name was misspelled in the previous post on August 17th regarding emptying the donation bins.

    1. Hi Sheila! Thank you for the message. We just contacted Better World Books this morning (8/18) to empty the bins. It usually takes a couple of days but I would guess by Tuesday, August 22 they should be empty. I would suggest calling the library prior to driving up, a staff member can go out and check for you!

  • Hi Sheila:

    Quick question:

    I have World War two era books I would like to donate (original books).

    Are these being accepted by BetterWorldBooks?

    Thank you for your time – much appreciated!

  • I live in Westland. Are the book donation bins open and where would they be. I’m relatively close to the library in Westland and I just have a small amount., mostly paperbacks.

    1. Yes, bin is available. Donation bin is located within out parking lot (it will be on your left as you curve up to the end of the building).

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